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Special Promo #1
Published on 01-12-2016

We have added 2 Special saving packs to boost your earning.


Saving Pack 1 - $40.00


* Ultimate Membership(30 days)

* 50 Rented Referrals

* 5000 Banner Ad Credits

* 10 Direct Referrals


Saving Pack 2 - $115.00

3000 Paid To Click Credits

10000 Banner Ad Credits

100 Rented Referrals

Golden+ Membership(365 days)


You can Buy these packs Here

New Memberships and Cashout Limits
Published on 01-12-2016

Dear Members,


Due to member requests we have added 2 more memberships.Those are Ultimate and Utimate+.You can check your upgrade page for more informations.


Here is the maximum cashout limits for each memberships.


Standard : 10$ every 10 days

Silver & Silver+ : 15$ every 8 days

Golden&Golden+ :20$ every 6 days

Ultimate&Ultimate+:40$ every 5 days


Enjoy your stay!!Happy earning!!


Kind regards,

Vicebux team

Perfect money added
Published on 01-12-2016

Dear Members,

We have added Perfect Money to our system.You can now deposit and cashout through Perfect Money.We will add more processors soon.

Kind regards,

Vicebux team

Signup bonus
Published on 21-11-2016

Signup bonus 3$ and 7 day silver upgrade is free as signup bonus.You can buy 10RR with free bonus.

Happy earning


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